About Us

Brown Wilcox historyBrown-Wilcox Assisted Living has been providing compassionate care for seniors and their families for over 100 years.

The Brown-Wilcox Home for the Aged was established in 1917 based on the wishes of Mrs. Jennie Wilcox-Brown, who was born and raised in the city of Berlin. The Home for the Aged was endowed as a memorial to her husband, John R. Brown, who passed away in 1899, and her mother, Fannie A. Wilcox, who passed away in 1910.

Mrs. Jennie Wilcox-BrownJennie cared for her aged mother and her husband in his time of illness. It was her dream to found a facility in her hometown that would be a safe and loving home for seniors. While Jennie passed away in 1914, she methodically planned for her entire estate to go toward the endowment. Her brother, Alfred L. Wilcox, ensured his sister’s dream of opening an assisted living home would become a reality.

Brown-Wilcox Home for the Aged initially had room for eight. Two additions, in 1964 and 1965, added twelve bedrooms, four bathrooms, an elevator and included the remodeling of the kitchen.

Brown Wilcox Home for the Aged history plaqueToday Brown-Wilcox Home for the Aged is known as Brown-Wilcox Assisted Living. It continues to operate with Jennie’s intentions at heart—creating a safe and loving long-term care facility for seniors of Berlin, Wisconsin and surrounding communities to call home.

With three levels of resident care and respite care, Brown-Wilcox Assisted Living is able to meet the needs of all seniors searching for assistance.